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Strengthening the ITSM Core

  • Dashboard Enhancements:
    • Ability to share dashboards
    • Advanced filtering in widgets
    • Auto-update of widget data
  • Agent Settings: Providing more versatility to agents with an Out of Office setting
  • Approvals: Be able to reassign in the middle of a live workflow
  • Ad-hoc tasks: Be able to create ad-hoc tasks in service requests
  • Change Management:
    • Introduction of Change Catalog Items
    • Introduction of workflow in change
  • Create and share an index view with other agents
  • Expand notifications support to additional ITSM objects
  • Mass comment: Ability to push comments to incidents that are attached to problems or other incidents
  • Queue Management: Manage shared work items using queues. 
  • Advanced Service Monitor for better visibility of incidents’ lifecycle 
  • Help texts for custom fields and service catalog variables
  • Smart Suggestions for Change records
  • Reports Enhancements: 
    • Adding new reports and improving the existing ones
    • More time selection options

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

  • Generation 2 CMDB data model designed for better management and organization of configuration items: Extensible CI data model, CI relationships, custom CI types, custom CI fields and out-of-the-box IT CI set.
  • CMDB Visualization - visually view/analyze CI dependencies

Workflows and Automation

  • Update Record workflow action: Update multiple data fields
  • Send Notification workflow action: Send email notifications from inside workflows to report various status or progress changes

Service Engagements

  • Mobile:
    • Solutions for agents
    • Support for asset management & QR scanning
  • Chat: Further investing in the agent experience to make working in chat more efficient and auditable by adding
    • Roles and permissions
    • Auto assignment of chats based on availability


  • Import asset information from Orion
  • Cloud discovery for AWS
  • Cloud discovery for Azure
  • Use the upcoming new CMDB data model to represent discovered entities

Love it? Hate it? Want to be involved in our beta or design partnership programs? Let me know below!

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The Visual SLA timer is extremely cool and URHCS would definitely assist with any beta opportunities.


Michael Clark

The removal of access to the Ideas page (previously used for customer feedback and voting purposes) is a step backward IMHO.

I used the Chat function to indicate that the Change request forms need the same notification functions for Notes and Approver comments, which otherwise sit there unnoticed.  Apparently that request had 3 votes before the Ideas page was removed from public view.  Now we (customers) cannot understand the process by which the next "Idea" is chosen and progressed.  So be it, but please put it on the roadmap to align the interfaces consistently.  Change requests Notes also don't have the @username function - just make them Comments instead so we can react to challenges to the Change Request - we have hundreds, and currently it's a manual check - that's surely not intended by the dev team?

I would love to participate in your Beta program.  A priority matrix would be a great addition whereby we can set the Impact and the Urgency to auto generate a Priority, or manually override the priority.

Agree with @acteonjon , @ mentions should be added to any of the comment fields.  We're adding a ton of solutions, and it would be great to mention one of our other team members so they get a notification to review and approve.  Thanks!

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