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Level 7

SmamaSLA based off of Groups or Queues

I would really like to see functionality with SLA's. For instance, I would like the ability to set up different SLA's based off of groups. We have various teams that have different kind of SLA times or some not at all. I cannot find a way to set this up.

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Level 8

Hey @nhel79 

We currently are only able to scope SLAs based on Category, Subcategory, Priority, Site, Department, Requester, and Incidents vs. Service Requests.  We do not have any scoping based on group membership or assignment.  We can certainly submit this as a feature request.  In the meantime, I would suggest using a combination of the scoping that we currently have to try to meet your needs.



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Yeah, I am aware of the limitations and currently there are no combinations that would suffice, therefore I would like to submit this as a enhancement request.

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