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Service Desk (Samanage) Users API - Role not set properly

I have a script that I use to create new users and update existing users into SWSD (Samanage).

However, I've noticed that when I initially create the user (via the /users.json endpoint) - even when i specify the Requester role - the user is returned as a Service Agent User role. I then have to run another api call to update the user (I use the exact same JSON payload) and it successfully updates the role. I've proven this out via a series of Postman calls to create, read and update a test user.

Is there a reason why the initial user creation doesn't set the role properly, even when specified in the payload?

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Hey @mjenkins 

I don't see any reason why your initial API call wouldn't be able to set the role properly when creating a user.  It is especially odd that it creates the user in a licensed role rather than the lowest 'Requester' role.  I suggest submitting the calls that you are using to our support team ( for them to determine what could be causing this.



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