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Pathetic Support by Solarwind TAC

I faced a issue with their supprt related to NTA module support. One of the Cisco Device NTA was not working asked engineer to come on call with Cisco, however they directly refused to join the callto explain the issue. As per solarwind TAC sending email with error makes them clear from their end. I didnt find such terrible refusal from any vendor to join call. Pathetic customer support...My case number was Case # - 00514586 NetFlow data is not received in solarwinds. Finally i solved issue by self :), you cannot accept deep diving of issue/support from solarwind TAC.


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Level 8

I'm guessing it's an issue with the configuration.  You might also want to post this on the Proper Product instead of posting it on Solarwinds Service Desk Discussion.

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so what's the resolution?