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Nested maps in Orion maps

Hello everyone, 

I am trying to build an Orion map in a star topology, wherein main node is the data center & it will be connected to multiple other locations around the globe. Once we click on any particular location, it will direct us to the entire network diagram of that location. This is the kind of idea.

Can anyone suggest me how to do this? Also I wanted to ask if we can drop an ISP cloud in maps?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

If you are running Orion Platform 2020.2 the following blog post covers all the latest features available in Orion maps and covers nesting and use of background images.


Thanks Tony.

However, I am not looking for cloud as a background. I want to insert an MPLS cloud/AWS cloud in a map, thereby showing MPLS/AWS connectivity.

As you can see in below image, a cloud connectivity exists among all 4 locations, how to get that? I found this on SW guest login page.




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