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Migrating Assets with custom fields

I have 2,500+ assets from another asset management service, exported to CSV.  They include custom fields that we created in the old system.  I created those same custom fields in Service Desk "Other Assets", but when I try to import the CSV, I'm not allowed to map the old custom fields to the new corresponding custom fields.  This seems like a serious design flaw- surely every business has custom fields- is there any way to do this, even if I have to pay Solarwinds to do it?  If not, we might not be able to use the Other Assets module at all, forcing us to continue paying for a separate service, which won't connect to our tickets. 

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This is what my SD integration specialist told me- but I don't know how to use the scripts, but am willing to give it a try- perhaps someone here can give me some tips?  Is there a script module in SD setup?

"A script is the only way to map custom fields into Service Desk on those asset records. Your account manager should be able to work with you on a quote for the scripting through our Professional Services team if you choose to go that route. "

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