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Complaint - Unacceptable behaviour, lack of technical support

I truly hope this time my email will find the right person.

I'd like to summarize our experience as a long time *SAmanage* Service Desk
customer (now under SolarWinds) in the past few weeks.

I'll start with the most urgent matter - in the past two hours I'm unable
to login to our ServiceDesk due to a 500 error. This cripples our whole IT

I've tried to leave a message via the chat that got unanswered.
I've tried to call the support lines - but they are just dispatchers who
pass my request onwards - unable to help in urgent matters (which I'm still
waiting for someone to call me back).

I have a very bad past experience with leaving messages to the support line
- as we had a similar outage a few weeks ago and I'm still waiting for
someone to call me back.

Apart from that, the overall support experience is far from being
professional and cooperative,
I have a ticket that's left unanswered for more than 3 weeks.

I have numerous other tickets, that it seemed like the support team were
reluctant to help or even understand what is the issue or request - and
just replied back with links to the knowledge base.

Additionally, after renewing the contract with Solarwinds, going back and
forth with the renewal personnel in charge of it, arguing and debating on
the process - we find out that the pricing was all wrong, and we were
overcharged for no reason.

Please forward my email to whomever is in charge of SAmanage / SolarWinds
product, support, renewals and especially anyone who's related to our

I'm awaiting a call back today.


Elior Ashkenazi

IT Helpdesk Team Manager, Plus500

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@elior Thank you for reporting these issues. I looked into your case and it looks like they were able to get you logged in within ~1 hour of your case opening. All of your feedback was sent to leadership and they are looking into the each of the issues you reported. 

Please let us know if you require further assistance. Happy to help escalate where needed. 


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Hi Danielle,


The issue was resolved by its own, with no action taken by the support team.


Hopefully my message got through and someone from SolarWinds/SAmanage will contact me today to follow up on the other maters.


Thanks, you can close this thread if you wish.

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Hi @elior,

I'm on the product marketing team for SolarWinds Service Desk and I'm very sorry to hear about your support issues. 

I wanted to follow up with you to see if you had heard from somebody on the SolarWinds team and if your support issues had been addressed. Please let me know, I can escalate this with the right teams within SolarWinds to ensure that these issues are promptly resolved. 



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Hi Nirav,


Currently it seems like all open issues are being handled by the different teams (Renewals, Account Manager, Support).


Thanks for checking in on this!




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Hi @elior,

It sounds like the different SolarWinds teams are taking care of your issues, which I'm glad to hear. Please let me know if you have any more trouble in resolving these issues, I'll be happy to help!



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