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Level 9

Common / Shared Fields

The fields that we put on custom forms don't appear to be usable in the process fields. Is this a bug or current limitation?

When creating processes with condition sets you can only select the process fields that are specific to the catalog item... You can't access the common fields that you put on the custom form.

Also you can't share process fields across catalog items. So you need to duplicate and maintain each process field separately which can be tedious if you have a category that you want filled in on each item.

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Level 10

Hey @DMeredith - I'm late to the game on this question, but wanted to be sure to provide some context here as I know others have asked this question too!! 

Custom fields and service catalog variables are totally separate entities, and this is by design. The reason being, fields are tied to overarching modules (i.e. fields to collect additional details on users, or on computers, break-fix incidents, etc.), whereas the service catalog variables are linked to that specific/individual catalog item and its affiliated process.

You can see these differences at play but can leverage both custom fields and the variables, to help streamline some of your operations. Consider using the custom fields to maybe automate some of your ticket triage: maybe you have a dropdown custom field that's indicative of impact radius (Individual User - Department - One Office - Full Organization), and dependent upon the radius selected, that could automate the priority of your ticket! On the reverse, looking at the service catalog: as you design that process, you will have the means to use condition sets and define when certain variables have been selected, how that will control the path of your workflow (i.e. for a hardware request if a specific device type is selected, like Apple - HP - Lenovo, the device type may require a different set of steps or approvals).  

To aid in reusing elements of your service catalog items (i.e. similar data collection from your variables OR reusing very similar processes) you can certainly clone those catalog items, and make tweaks to the cloned version as you require. 

I hope this information helps!

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