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Can I have the Due Date field show up in notifications or be used in reports?

I'm having a hard time with the usefulness of the Due Date field.  We have a service request for building access.  A key metric for whether we're getting these requests done is if the access was granted by the due date.

Here are the problems.  The due date shows up in NONE of the e-mail notifications, and I can't see any way to make it appear.  It appears to be an attribute, which the documentation says we can't change, so can we make it show up in e-mails?

We also can't make it mandatory, so we could have incompletely filled out service requests.

So I created a date field for the Building Access Date.  This shows up in e-mails, but we can't use it in views or reports.

Can we surface the due date in e-mails?  Or can we use service catalog fields in views?

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Level 8

The due date field is very useless.

I would use your custom field which should be an option in your view columns. I have several custom fields that all show as options for me. You may have to just wait a period before it shows as an option.

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