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User-defined LUN Grouping

User-defined LUN Grouping

Sometimes its important to group LUNs to match business applications or tiering structures and allow both capacity and storage reports for both.

  • LUNs can belong to multiple groups
  • LUNs from multiple arrays can belong to one group
  • Grouping should have summary and detail capacity and usage reports
  • Grouping should have summary and detail performance reports.
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Level 7

I would also like to be able to group raid groups on an EMC so I can graph and report on the performance of spindles that I have dedicated to particular applications. Right now, it's very painful to try and graph arbitrary raid groups.

Level 7

When you implement this please add a filter for EMC storagegroups like StoragePool/Raidgroups.

If a server is responsible for I/O consumption I am able to check with one click whats going on with the luns.


Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented