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Support the storage hardware health monitor

Support the storage hardware health monitor

Want to add a multi-vendor storage hardware monitoring, such as power supplies, fans, temperature, controller battery, SFP modules, UPS, disk and other hardware information. Now the problems frequently encountered are: disk failure can not be timely warning.

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Level 9

Are there any plans to add this functionality to Storage Manager? We let our HP P6000 Performance Advisor Software expire hoping we would have the same ability in SolarWinds.

Level 14

Hi jdunne,

This is something we are very interested in adding to Storage Manager in the future; however, I don't have any timeframes I can give you at the moment.

Level 11

This seems to be the missing hardware health monitoring capabilities idea right?

I was surprised that it is not possible to trigger alerts when a power supply, fan or any other operation critical hardware component is reported as faulty by storage systems.

This is a basic feature in my opinion and so should be on top of the priority list...

Thanks for attention

Level 7

Is there any updates on this 3 year old thread? 

Level 18

Yes! This is somehting we are currently working on. See .

Level 12

How this is not part of SRM is beyond me.  To say that a monitoring for a particular product is supported, but then we are left blind to hardware failures seems like "support" is disingenuous at best.

Level 11

Would like to see NetApp and Pure on this list.  Lack of hardware monitoring makes it a tough sell.

Level 12

I'm voting simply for more actual health monitoring period. I'm finding that SolarWinds isn't even able to give me accurate health status of stuff like my Cisco ASA's, Cisco switches, Cisco routers. You'd think that health monitoring would be some of the most basic info provided by SolarWinds, but apparently not.

Level 11

Any plans on improving the HP P2000 SAN Hardware Health Monitoring?

Level 12

I think the SNMP credentials you are using dont have access to the correct OIDS.  SolarWinds NPM can poll hardware health for cisco routers, switches, asa and lots of other devices.  Like is mentioned on this thread it does not for storage appliances.  this is a big gap in SRM.