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Support for EMC Unity

Support for EMC Unity

The new product line EMC Unity covers majority of former VNX and VNXe products.

Implemented!!!  EMC Unity has been added in SRM 6.6 - see Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) 6.6 is now available!!!.

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Level 7

I have to agree that Unity support is long overdue.  I have a mix of VNX's, and Unity's, so multiple consoles is getting old.

We need Unity for a couple of our customer sites.

Level 8

This is much needed. Any Update on the progress of this?

Level 10

This is a much needed...Any Update about Unity

Really Bad to See Soalrwinds is such a good procust and still not supporting latest technology like Unity and VNX Monitoring .. Please Please define some timeline to get this included

Level 7

Adding to the chorus.  Please add Unity support...or get rid of SRM.  To be honest, it's kinda a crappy tool.

Product Manager
Product Manager
  • NEW!  SRM 6.6 Release Candidate is now available in the Customer Portal.  If you don't see the RC bits, check out this article.
  • Release Candidate is a fully supported version ready for your production server.
  • Customer Portal has links to the upgrade guide and release notes covering new functionality.
  • Leave feedback and screenshots of your arrays in the Storage Resource Monitor Release Candidate forum.
Level 9

now it's final and supports

Level 9

My array is stuck at "waiting for first poll." Anyone else have this issue? SRM was able to add the array without issue, but I can't seem to get it to poll the device.

Level 11

Same problem here. The logs don't seem to give any indication as to the problem either. Opened a support case and have yet to receive a response. Tried to call support and after about 30 minutes of sitting on hold it dropped my call. Trying to call back in. Quite the frustrating experience. From the software bugs to support issues.