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Support for EMC Unity

Support for EMC Unity

The new product line EMC Unity covers majority of former VNX and VNXe products.

Implemented!!!  EMC Unity has been added in SRM 6.6 - see Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) 6.6 is now available!!!.

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Level 7

EMC's new mid tier storage array, no brainer.. Implement.

Level 7

We look forward to having our storage supported by SRM so we can utilize the product we purchased. Please hurry!

Level 7

Still no UNITY support?

Level 7

This is critical to my healthcare organization. Help! We're paying for SRM and can't even use it.

Level 8

Unity was announced May of 2016 , this poll posted August of 2016 ... here we are in September of 2017, with no Unity support yet?

Our sales reps act surprised when they hear we're looking at other monitoring solutions, but what else can I tell Senior Management ?   There's clearly no commitment to support new technologies in a timely manner.

Level 7

Every month I check if there is news about the SRM Unity support. But It's still not there 🙂

Level 10

Would love to see this added!  We're soon to be only using Unity and I would hate to see us drop SRM if we can't use it anymore

Level 9

We would also like to see Unity support added. We're currently using Unity and planning to add more.

Level 8

I agree with all of the comments above.

I have SRM licences being wasted post DC upgrades.

I have budget to expand the use of SRM and cannot spend it (so will end up loosing it).

Can someone be kind enough to at least give us an idea on the ETA or whether you've decided not to support Unity?

What's your road map for supporting EMC storage? I believe VNX is pretty much depreciated and most people tied in with EMC will be moving to unity for like for like replacements.

Level 7

Concur... please let use know when support for EMC Unity is supported. I was told a year ago it would be available. I have licensing to support my environment but can't use them.