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Support Fujitsu Eternus DX + DX S2 Series

Support Fujitsu Eternus DX + DX S2 Series

Storage Manager should support Fujitsu`s storage systems by embedded or proxy SMI-S Provider.

For discussion see this thread: Support Fujitsu Eternus DX + DX S2 Series

2019-11-18: move s3 to new request

Level 9

Link is broken.  Does Storage Manager support Fujitsu storage?

I`ve tested it with Eternus DX S1 and S2 and it`s not possible to register the systems . But I will check with the new S3 FW (V10L32-0000). Since starting S3 there were a lot of  improvements to SMI-S.

Level 12

Did you manage to get the Fujitsu DX S3 registered with SRM? I know it has been a long time since your post of July 2015, but we do have a requirement of getting these old devices under the SRM umbrella.

No. We moved all s1 and s2 to s3/s4 (V10L86-0000). So I will test.

This month Fujitsu announced s5 !

New Request to support S3+S4+S5 see: