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Netapp Snapmirror Replication Failure Alerting/Alarming

Netapp Snapmirror Replication Failure Alerting/Alarming

I have been told recently by Solarwinds Support that Netapp Replication Failures cannot be monitored by any of the suite of products yet. I am asking for this feature to be included in SRM. Often I do not know that replication between our primary facility and DR has failed without manually checking it. It would be great to be able to know whether the failure was on the sending side or the receiving side as well but I would settle for just knowing that replication failed so action can be taken on it. Storage Resource Monitor

Terry Moon

Level 7

I too am looking for this functionality in SRM. Thanks for submitting this request!

very slow development on SRM product, there is no justification of this product in my environment. Seem, we will lose the battle one day.

Level 9


As there were some votes recently on this idea I wanted to ask could someone go into more details on how do use you use replication and synchronization features and what would you like to monitor and see in SRM. You can private message me if you prefer and I will provide you with my Solarwinds email address.


Community Manager
Community Manager
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Level 9

I don't understand how this isn't a feature yet. My DFM Provider (Unified Manager) sees the NetApp replication and status. Why can't Solarwinds just pull that data in along with all of the other data it's getting from Unified Manager. Seems easy enough to add this in there.