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Information about VNX Tiering Feature

Information about VNX Tiering Feature

It would be nice if STM was able to report historical information about FAST VP (Tiering feature) on VNX Storage Arrays such as the time it takes for FAST VP to run every day.

That value is available in Unisphere (see below) but there is no historical information available. It only shows statistics from the latest FAST VP scheduled task.

Having that information in STM would be very beneficial for Storage administrators and a good value add to EMC native tools


Now available in Storage Manager 5.7!

Level 14

Cross-posting this FR which covers the same Idea:

Level 7

Could you please provide more screenshots from Unisphere on FAST VP and its policies?. For how many pools this policy is enabled?. How much data moved last between tiers?. It will be great if you provide more screenshots from EMC Unisphere for FAST VP feature.

Level 14

Definitely would be interested in some more feedback about what you would find useful from this feature. Feel free to post here or email me directly. Very happy to jump on a call as well to discuss this.

Level 8

Did you get more feedback on this?  (I would like to see some of this functionality built in as well.)

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented