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Fix / Enhance Dell EMC Unity Rest Mapping.

Fix / Enhance Dell EMC Unity Rest Mapping.

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REST Value 7 'OK_BUT'  is a REST value from Dell EMC that basically status ok but minor warning. The description in itself indicates no problems at all with the system. And it is super vague one what minor warning it is triggering on.

We've had countless rounds of talks with Dell EMC and they couldn't provide us much of anything. They don't allow management through there system to suppress this stinking REST code and it causes false alerts.

In SolarWinds the Developers and designer of SRM rushed to put this mapping together without correctly understanding the information transmitted by Dell EMC storage systems. The Mapping is way too basic and high level that encompasses to many things under one warning level.

The rest code above is informational. And should be up to the SolarWinds admin if they want this to be something alerted on or not. But this isn't the cause as we cannot filter this on the alert level. SolarWinds never built the flexibility to do that. So either we get the warning alert that's actually not a real warning or we turn off the sensor and get no alert at all.


SolarWinds Should come back to the mapping table they developed Speak with Dell get a better understanding of this and expand it out more. Put in additional mapping for informational items among other levels of alerting. Incorporate this into trigger conditions that allow us Administrators to filter out noise we don't need from the Dell side (Since dell won't allow us to do it from their end).


Problem here is simple. Dell won't do anything. And SolarWinds currently does not do enough. Leaving us in-between without any good solution to this problem.

If you have Dell Storage I'd say you should up vote this. It give you peace of mind and your organization more efficient monitoring and alerting of your storage system. And more flexibility so you can alert based on your needs and not forced to accept a dumb alert that makes no sense from Dell's perspective.

Comment on this your thoughts. Lets discuss!