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Exporting storage map to Microsoft Visio - Storage Manager

Exporting storage map to Microsoft Visio - Storage Manager

I think it's a usefull feature to export the storage landscape created in STM into a Microsoft Visio file.

The more complex the storage landscape is, the more usefull the export function is.

Something like Network Topology Mapper produces. This feature is for customers that use only STM from SolarWinds, and haven't got NPM.

I suggest a Visio map with all the systems and elements monitored by STM, i.e. STM server, Agents, Proxy Agents, NAS, SAN ...

Level 14

Hi Augustin,

Can you explain what you mean by the "storage landscape created in STM"? Can you elaborate on your use case for needing this functionality?

Would your needs be satisfied by producing something like what Network Topology Mapper produces, or are you looking for something different? If so, why?

Level 12

I would like to srm's own map, much like npm/sam/etc.   To include correlation of fabric switch to luns and frames.

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Community Manager
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