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DELL EMC Unity Replication Monitoring

DELL EMC Unity Replication Monitoring


We would like to see more features when it comes to DELL EMC Unity monitoring. Especially replication monitoring (Sessions and Connections).

Those are the two views that I have in mind. It would be also nice if it could alert us in case of any failures related to State events.



Level 9


Could you go into more details on how do use you use replication and synchronization features and what would you like to monitor and see in SRM. You can private message me if you prefer and I will provide you with a my Solarwinds email adress.


Level 10


We are mostly interested in monitoring of replication sessions between LUNs. We would like to know if the sessions are starting and finishing properly or if they are idle for a longer time. Currently we are using uemcli for this, it displays the following information:


The bottom of the screenshot lists all VMs that are located on the datastore.

There are some more fields that are usefull like Syns status, Sync Transfer rate, Sync Transfer Size remaining, Previous transfer rate, Average transfer Rate.

it would be nice to have some alerting integrated with it as well, especially alerts related to the connection between two arrays, Health and Sync state.

This is just brief description, if we would like we can discuss it in more detail.

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Community Manager
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