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Add support for Nimble Storage

Add support for Nimble Storage

I've had a few requests already to add support for Nimble storage.

The trending for using Nimble for SMB companies is growing rapidly.

Implemented!!!  HPE Nimble support  has been added in SRM 6.6 - see Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) 6.6 is now available!!!.

Level 9

Nimble is one of the fastest growing storage vendors and much like Solarwinds targets mid-sized companies with their product portfolio.  Adding support for these SANs will be well received by the growing customer base Nimble is rapidly building.

Level 12

Would love to see Nimble support.  Given the performance and capability of Nimble, keeping an eye on its assets would be very helpful.

Level 10

Need this ASAP..!! Both for Orion and LEM!!!!!

Just bought two arrays and we are considering purchase of Storage Manager if it had support we would be more apt to pull the trigger on additional licensing as we already have two Compellent arrays.

Level 7

I too use Nimble Storage exclusively in our visualization environment. I am very interested in the direction that Solarwinds is going lately, especially with the AppStack approach to application performance monitoring and control. If Nimble Storage was fully supported it would be an easy decision to go with the AppStack 'Bundle' to manage our business-critical apps which we operate on Cisco UCS, VMware & Nimble Storage.

Level 14

Hi rlovett,

We are currently working on Nimble support for SRM Orion so stay tuned! Storage Manager - What We Are Working On

Level 7

I have several Nimble array's in my corp, dev and QA Vmware stacks. How is it comming along?

Level 7


Is there any progress with Nimble support ?



Level 10

We are adding 4 new Nimble arrays - Lost revenue for SW if they don't support it...

Level 18


We hear you and believe me we would love to release Nimble support immediately if that was possible. It's definitely something we're actively looking at: What we are working on for SRM after v6.2 -- Updated on October 1, 2015