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What we are working on for SRM after 2020.2 -- Updated on August 3, 2020

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Research & Development in Progress

Broadened device support for the Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) continues to be a top priority!  Following is a list of what we're working on.  This should not be interpreted as a promise that we will deliver on any of these items nor that their delivery will be in this order.  Don't forget to VOTE for your favorite array or feature - simply drill down on the link below and click the up arrow!

SRM Orion Releases

Since the SRM Orion Module is so new and rapidly supporting new arrays, here's a quick list of the arrays and features we supported in recent releases.

Release (Date) Array Support Hardware Health

SRM 2020.2 



NetApp 7-Mode

Extended controller support for Dell EMC VNX / CLARiiON arrays

SRM 2019.4 (11/19) Data Domain Data Domain

SRM 6.8 (3/19)

Kaminario K2

Kaminario K2

Dell Compellent


SRM 6.7 (9/18)

Huawei OceanStor v3/v5 Series

Huawei Dorado V3 Series

Huawei OceanStor v3/v5 Series

Huawei Dorado V3 Series

EMC Isilon v8


SRM 6.6 (3/18)

EMC Unity​

Nimble Storage


IBM FlashSystem V9000

EMC Unity​

Nimble Storage


IBM FlashSystem V9000

SRM 6.5   (9/17)

IBM FlashSystem A9000/A9000R

IBM DS 8xxx

NetApp EF

NetApp AFF

EMC VMAX Flash Family



EMC VNX Celerra/VNX Gateway

IBM SVC/V7000/V3700

SRM 6.4   (3/17) IBM XIV

Dell EMC EqualLogic


SRM 6.3  (6/16)


Pure Storage

SRM 6.2  (2/16)

EMC® Isilon®

Hitachi® Data Systems AMS, USP VM, USPV, VSP G1000,
    G200/400/600, HUS 100 Block-Side, HUS VM

HP® StorageWorks XP

IBM® Spectrum™ Virtualize (Vxxx and SVC)

SRM 6.1  (5/15)


Dell Compellent

HP StoreServ 3PAR

HP P2xxx/MSA

Dot Hill AssuredSAN 4xxx/5xxx

SRM 6.0  (2/15)

EMC VNX / CLARiiON family

EMC VNX NAS Stand-alone Gateway / Celerra

Dell EqualLogic PS Series

NetApp E-Series (LSI)

IBM DS 3xxx / 4xxx / 5xxx

Dell MD3xxx

NetApp Filers running Data OnTAP 8 in:


Cluster-mode (aka Clustered Data OnTAP)


We own several Nimble Arrays and it is the one reason we did not purchase storage manager/monitor because it wasn't one that you could monitor.

I know if you put it in you'll have at least one customer that will be purchasing it.

We have purchased EMC ScaleIO.  We would like to be able to add it to our existing Solarwinds SRM infrastructure.

Hi Chris,

EMC ScaleIO is Virtual SAN solution that can be monitored via SolarWinds Virtualization Manager. At this time, it is unclear that this would be appropriate to add to SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor.

Hi Guys,

What is the expected timeframe for the SRM Orion module to support the IBM V7000 SAN?

Hi Leon,

IBM SVC7000 support in SRM Orion is very interesting to us, unfortunately we are unable to publicly provide timeframes for any feature for our products due to accounting restrictions. I can point to the fact that SRM 6.1 is currently in RC which nearly doubles device support provided in SRM 6.0 only 3 months after 6.0 GA, so we are iterating very rapidly on device support for the new platform.

Hey dsbalcau‌ and brianflynn , looking forward to seeing ExtremeIO as we are racking and stacking next week.

Would it be expected in STM Profiler or SRM ?

I've just completed the beta survey to test what's coming regardless of not seeing ExIO.

Hi Shane,

EMC XtremIO and all future new device support should be expected on the SRM Orion side. That is subject to change, of course, but that is the current direction at the moment.

XtremIO didn't make it in time to catch the 6.1 train, but look for it in a future release.


        Is there a roadmap as to what EMC arrays or other EMC hardware you are looking at supporting in the future?  We are using VNX arrays, VPlexes, RecoverPoint Appliances and hopefully in the near future an XIO.  We currently use their product, ViPR SRM to manage the devices.  The program is difficult to configure and work with.  Thanks.

Is the V7000 on the roadmap as yet? Very eagerly awaiting this to be supported.

Hi Matthew,

The post you were responding to was made 12 days prior, so no change in those 12 days 🙂 The WWWO post will be updated as soon as there is a change, and you can subscribe to these posts via the Jive platform notifications if you don't want to remember to check back.

Note that v7000 is fully supported on the SRM Profiler module today.

Hi Terry,

The WWWO post is the only vehicle available to share roadmap for our products. Usually, these posts are fairly short term focused (3-12 months), so they don't discuss our longer term plans which are much more likely to change (given the shifting nature of the technology industry in general). That said, EMC is a dominant player in the storage market and figures very prominently on our roadmap (note our current support for EMC VNX, VMAX, and Isilon).

We would also love EMC VPLEX support.  VNX support is great, but when VPLEX sits in front of it as a storage virtualization platform, you lose out on the link between host and back end storage.


Is EMC VNX on the road map for either STM or SRM?

Same for EMC Data Domain?

Hi Francois,

EMC VNX is already fully supported in both SRM Profiler and SRM Orion.

EMC DataDomain is very interesting to us, but there are no current timeframes for support at the moment.

Great to see that there is the V7000 on the list at last! Big sticking point for us!

Look forward to seeing it implemented.

When you state that the V7000 is fully supported, does that include the NAS side of a V7000 Unified?

Not yet. File side support is currently tracked under this FR:

Would like to ask, are the HP Branded -Brocade switches already supported on your previous SRM version 6.0.5? Thank you.

Running the Beta of 6.2 SRM Orion in our Test environment and the good news is that this release works with SVC version 7.4 (where STM Profiler doesn't). Capacity has collected, still waiting on the performance data.

However, one thing I noticed is that SRM appears to only spawn one Job Engine worker thread, is this expected behavior? (Install only has the SRM module, no other Orion components are installed). This is on a 2 vCPU VM.

single worker thread.png

Hi Pradeep, glad to hear you're pleased with SRM 6.2 Beta working with SVC 7.4.  We're excited too!

I'll have my engineers review the technical question regarding job engine worker threads.  I think they will respond tomorrow.  I'll forward this to them to make sure they see it.

Hi prawij,

thanks for pointing this out. we have already turned into this issue here as well, so please accept it for this beta version, we are optimizing that already

Thanks again!

prawij, one question came to my mind; how your performance data looks like, you wrote here that you are still waiting for them, did they appear already?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Lubomir,

So our FlashSVC which is on ver 7.4 is showing performance data OK, however for our other SVC that we have added to the beta (our largest), we are having some issues (we also tend to have intermittent collection problems on this SVC with STM Profiler).

Looking at the Events in 6.2 Beta:

7/23/2015 2:06 PM SVC_Cluster Up. - This is when the SVC was initially added to SRM

7/23/2015 3:56 PM SVC_Cluster Unreachable - This was about the same time that I noticed the SWJobEngineWorker2.exe had dropped to 0% CPU, so went into SRM to check if the performance data was now displaying for the SVC_Cluster, and noticed all the Storage Pools, LUNs and the SVC_Cluster object itself showing as unreachable with the black X icon next to them instead of the usual cylinder with the green dot.

There are additional events for SVC_Cluster Unreachable at at 8:26 PM last night and 3:11 AM this morning.

Interestingly the SVC_Cluster now does show the green cylinder icon, however no corresponding events for Cluster/LUN/Storage Pool available are shown in the Events list (still no perf data shown).

Details: SVC_Cluster is on ver, comprised of 4 XIVs and a NetApp.

I will submit a ticket and attach the diagnostics from the server and let you know the ticket number shortly.

Diags have been attached to Case # 841562.

Still looking for support for Oracle ZFS Appliances

ZFS Storage Appliance | Oracle

Is there any support or ability for monitoring of pure storage right now, otherwise that might be a deal breaker on my company purchasing this.

We don't support Pure storage now. It's something we're working on, but we can't comment on when/whether this becomes available.


yes, we need VPLEX support as well.

When will IBM XIVs be supported in SRM?


I'm sorry, but we can't comment on questions like that.


Any idea when we might see an update to this page?  It's been about 3.5 months and seeing the right devices would allow me to avoid deploying Profiler. 

May I ask you what specifically keeps you with Profiler?


XIV support is the big for afox‌ and the rest of the Cardinal Health crew.

As Josh said, XIV.  We have 15 XIV frames and are looking to dump some expensive IBM software that I'm hoping Solarwinds can replace, specifically SRM. 

Thanks, both.

Any news on bringing in Nimble support?

Also, having HP P4000/Storevirtual support in the new SRM would be nice.

Additionally, it seems STM does not work with Storevirtual 12.5 with the iSCSI VIP sitting on a different network to the CMC management. This was a feature brought in with the last Lefthand OS release and is a great idea, however, when adding P4000 clusters to STM it requires connection to the VIP which in this case could be a non-routable iSCSI network.




As you can see, Nimble is high on our priority list -- otherwise, it wouldn't be listed here.

The other items would be feature requests.

Thanks for the feedback.


Hi Jiri,

Thanks for your reply.

I guess it's a little frustrating as Nimble support has been on the roadmap for quite some time.

Also, the P4000 support was already in the original STM product, but now is not in SRM. I feel like this support should have been in the SRM product from day one and has been months and still no support for them in SRM.

If you guys had a more definitive roadmap with timelines that would really help!




Definitive roadmap with timelines is exactly what we cannot share.

We know there a devices that are supported by STM (a.k.a. Profiler) and not SRM Orion. We are working on plans to address this.


Please let your Nimble rep know to add your name to the Request for enhancement item  (RFE ID: AS-52079) and how important it is to you!

This is to get Nimble to provide the needed data for Solarwinds Storage manager to work with nimble arrays!!

Hi, can you add Fujitsu Eternus Storage to that list please.

Thanks for the feedback.

Still waiting for Oracle Storage, especially the ZFS Appliances.

Would really like to see PURE storage support soon!  Keep crunching on it guys.

Pure storage support is already in SRM 6.3 Beta (SRM 6.3 Beta 1 Is Available!) -- now this Beta is over, but you can expect further news very soon!

XIV baby!  Keep up the good work cvachovecj and team.


I'm seeing a lot of IBM Flash System v8x0/v9x0 as well as some v9000. I really need to be able to monitor these as soon as humanly possible.

Any thoughts on when we will see these?

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