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zfs for solaris

zones for solaris

ability to understand comvault groups so we can limit access to users to only see backups for their own clients on a single backup server

The clients appear to be very heavy. In a vm environment I can't run client agents on systems because the cumulative load adversley affects my cluster performance.

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Product Manager


Thanks for the feedback on Solaris and Commvault. 

On deploying the agent to VM, what are you trying to do?  You should be able to get storage and performance for all VM remotely, and do file analysis on Windows VM remotely.


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Okay our VM environment is not simple. We run vCenter 4.0 update 2, 13 * ESXi 4.0 update 2 in a HP blade chassis and 4 ESX3.5ux DL585s. We use virtual connect so all of our ESXi machines connect to the SAN via NPIV. We have a dual fabric (two brocade dcx's) which connect to a USP-VM (diskless). This virtualises storage some in HDP pools some direct LUNs from a variety of vender backend SAN's (HP EVA 6000 and 8000, IBM DS 4800 and 6800, HDS AMS 1000, 2500) total of 340TB.

I have installed the profiler server on a dedicated virtual machine (quad processor, 2 GB RAM) and configured a VC resource and pointed it at our virtual centre server. I did the same on a small test environment 4 blades setup for ESXi 4.1 and vCenter 4.1. The 4.1 environment works okay. The 4.0u2 environment loaded up 4 blades and 1 dl585 and that took 48 hours to do. I could see that the agent was working but it appeared that the environment either had too many datastores or too many virtual machines to map? The other issue is that when I tried to delete and re add (with the search for orphaned vmdk's off) it won't rediscover the environment?

I can see when a client is installed on a windows box the option of doing file analysis however the reports are always empty? I could not find this option in the vm space unless it only becomes available after a full discovery is completed?

Love the concept of the tool, just need to see if it will fit in our environment.





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