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Level 7

Storage manager webconsole hangs

Hi All,

We have issues with Solarwinds Storage manager web page as it hangs very often.

i have raised case with solrwinds support as well but they asked to upgrade it to 5.6.2 version.

I have now upgraded to 5.6.2 but still the issue exist.

i want to know if there is anything that we can do before i log a call with solarwinds support team.

I have lost faith insolrwinds support team as they ask only for the diagnostic file.

we have around 4 VC, 99 ESX,14 clusters, 1400+ Vm, 28 Netapp filer, 6 FC swith,  4 Vmax in monitoring with 8 agents.

Each agent server has 16 gb RAM and 4 CPU and our solarwinds server has 32gb RAM and 8 CPU.

we are sure where we are missing or if there is any thing that we have to change to fix it.

please help!!


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Level 14

Hi owais.ko,

Is the problem general in nature? Or does it happen when running specific reports? How many users are concurrently using the system when you notice sluggishness?

Have you checked the memory usage and allocation of the web service in STM? Slow web console response is often caused by the Web Service running low on memory. You can see how to adjust the memory used by individual STM services in Chapter 5 of the STM Admin Guide.

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