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Storage Manager and IBM XIV

Help!  Has anyone successfully integrated Storage Manager (v5.3) with IBM XIV?

I've had no success what so ever. SolarWinds support have helped as best they can, but without any porgress.

I believe it may be a user permissions problem within the XIV user access control.

Any relevent info gratefully received.

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Level 8


     We have an XIV Gen2 that we finally got IBM to fix the memory leak in their sim module that allowed the XIV sim process to keep running. The firmware version for Gen2 is 10.2.4.f I don't know the Gen 3 code. I would suggest that if you don't have the latest version on your XIV array to get with your IBM support team and upgrade.

     Secondly to answer your original question, we do have ourXIV array talking with STM 5.3.1 (patch 14-116185) since /14/2013  when it was upgraded and it seams to working ok.  Hope this helps .


Thanks for the update ocgov2012! We had tested internally, but always great to get this confirmation from the field.

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Level 14

Hi Alfred,

I don't see a Support ticket in the system for you. What was the ticket # for the IBM XIV case?

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Hi Balki

The support case was raised under the customer support ID:  Case #434350 "unable to connect to IBM XIV".


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I'll check on this for you.

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This has been escalated to a technical specialist in the APAC support team. They should be able to assist you on your existing Support ticket. Please let me know if you continue to have problems.

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