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Storage Manager - What We Are Working On

This post is superseded by STORAGE MANAGER - WHAT WE ARE WORKING ON - Updated on Apr 22, 2015.  Please follow the new link for updates.

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How is the Nimble integration coming along ?

Thanks !!


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Every place I've worked recently has a HP LeftHand P4xxx (P4300, P4530, etc) still in use, even if they are actively transitioning off to something else, they are keeping it around for development. If you're taking requests, I'd love to see the HP LeftHand P4xxx in the next release or release candidate.

I second this. Having HP LeftHand P4xxx support in the SRM Orion Module would be great.

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Hi Ramon,

Thanks for the insight! SRM supports HP Lefthand devices today via the SRM Profiler module. We are very interested in adding Lefthand support to the SRM Orion module as well, but there are no timeframes I can provide at the moment.

Level 12

what is new release version

Hi Sunil,

SRM/STM 6.1 was released on May 19th, 2015. It should be available in your customer portal if you are on active maintenance. Enjoy!


I am lost.

is SRM the replacement of STM ?

when I go to my customer portal download, I have to different download. but after upgrading my STM to 6.0.2 and clic on thwack storrage community I jumped straght to SRM forums/blogs.


Hi Gildas Declerq,

Effectively, SRM is STM - think of it as a rebranding. We are working on changing the name of the forum on Thwack to help avoid this confusion, but SRM/STM will cohabitate the same space nonetheless.

Do you support vnxe?

Hi laverne97,

We'd love to support VNXe; however, after recent intense investigation we've determined that there is no way to pull performance data from these devices. I'd be very interested to know if there is still interest from customers in seeing VNXe supported, but only providing capacity and configuration data? Due to our restrictions of licensing, it would still cost the same from a licensing "per disk" perspective, so I'm curious if the value is there for your VNXe use cases with a limited set of data.

Also, do you have the old VNXe device or the newer VNX2e device? If you're not sure, the exact model number would be sufficient (e.g. 3150).

Yep concur the depth of the VNXe investigation. Sad to see you weren't able to get a successful outcome dsbalcau  after the device info provided to you previously.

I'll update my storage guys and get feedback for you regarding capacity and config only.

Love the gap closing on SRM, hits just about everything I think we have which would require us to keep both STM and SRM running. Yippie.

Ooops. "SRM Profiler" (aka STM) and SRM Orion

Level 10

I'm a new user of STM and am VERY interested in the NetAPP ONTAP 8.x C-Mode support. I have a C-Mode system in-house and have a customer coming online with 2 new clusters. The sooner the better! I would be happy to try out any pre-release versions you have to help you get this to market sooner.

Thanks very much, rupdegraff.  When we post for Beta & RC's, please sign up.  We always appreciate feedback.

"Shoot for the stars to reach the moon"

EMC Isilon is supported in STM back v5.3 i think. Still it doesn't support block level iSCSI feature for Isilon. Same iSCSI feature is supported for Dell Equallogic in STM. What are the plans for Isilon block storage monitorning?

Hi kaushikpathak,

The iSCSI block features are not exposed by EMC through SNMP and therefore we cannot collect this information. I discussed this with the EMC Isilon Team. According to them, iSCSI block support on Isilon is a legacy feature that they will eventually EOL and thus there are no plans to promote it through any sort of management interface in the future.

what kind of scale ability will 5.7 have... i know the one we have now has very bad scale ability.

Level 13

Any word on VNXe support as yet?

Hi squinsey,

I've contacted you offline regarding VNXe support. We are looking at feasibility right now; EMC's lack of SMI-S support for this array family makes support of this array technically challenging and expensive to implement. It is on our radar and we are investigating options though.

Thank you for this information.

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Level 9

I see that some collector poll intervals are being raised (eg: SMI-S and VMware).

One of the issues we have with the SMI-S collector is that the 15 minute interval is already too big. If we are using STM to alert on performance spikes, we would ideally like it to be 5 minutes or even lower.

Also, is there a reason for raising the interval?