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Level 9

STM Upgrade Path?

The knowledge base shows all upgrade paths for NPM, NCM , SAM etc but I can't find anything for Storage.

Can someone point me to the proper STM upgrade path in regards to upgrading NPM?

FYI my current versions are as follows:



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Level 9

I found this through the available downloads section in the customer portal but I'm not sure if I can skip any releases or what version of NPM is necessary for each.

STM 5.1.0

STM 5.2.4

STM 5.3.3

STM 5.6.2

STM 5.7.2

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STM is separate from NPM and doesn't require a specific NPM version to upgrade STM.  Now what the upgrade path to 5.7.2 is, I'm not sure.  We went from 5.3.3 to 5.6.2 to 5.7.2.

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