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SRM's Bug not able to monitor the 3par device


SRM is not able to monitor the 3par storage device.

     > assuming the used cap by all volumes as total capacity of 1 cpg so it is throwing the wrong subscription pool alert.

we have opened the case with solarwinds and they have decided it is a bug of application.

Anyone can help to resolve this issue and we can get some workarround to do correct calculation of CPG.


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I am using the stand alone storage profiler and our 3par is providing data with no issue, I am guessing this is only on the later version maybe? I'm using Storage Resource Monitor v6.2.4.644

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thanks Stephen,

using the SRM 3.0 and but it is not showing the correct volume details for 3 par.

if you can share some snapshot which is showing the correct information, if you feel free you can send me your contact number i will call you and can discuss and get the required monitoring details related to 3 par CPG.

thanks in advance.

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