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SRM & Dell Compellent - polling times?

Hey everyone!

We're still working on our implementation of Orion, and SRM seems to be the one throwing us for a loop the most. It took us a while, but we eventually got SRM to read our Dell Compellent environment.

Now that we've done that, we have added our 7 arrays to the Orion environment, which are all being polled through our single Unisphere appliance. We're still working out strange "Access denied" errors, which we have a ticket open with Dell to investigate.


My big question is - how long does it take your storage pollers to complete? On just one of our DR arrays, we are seeing the following:
performance/hardware health takes an average of 40 minutes (this usually defaults to polling every 15 minutes)
"Default" (which corresponds to the Capacity polling as far as I can tell) takes an average of 2 hours 15 minutes (default polls every 6 hours)
Topology polling takes about 4-6 minutes (again this one is every 6 hours).

I have to assume other people aren't seeing their arrays take this long to poll. Heck, I'd be curious how other storage arrays stack up to the Compellent. These are brand new environments, having been set up in January. The Unisphere seems to have no problems talking to it. But our Orion instance just likes to say "array unavailable" all the time.

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I'm still digging into this...

The more I dig, the more I wonder if our indexes on the Compellent's database aren't optimized. When trying to browse with the CIM browser, we're seeing anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes to open a resource, depending on what I click. I do have a ticket open with Solarwinds support and with Dell support on this...



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Product Manager

I think you are on the right track having a ticket open on both sides. Seems like something isn't quite right there but not certain exactly where. Feel free to ping the SolarWinds ticket number back here or in PM and I'll keep an eye on it.