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Question on File Typ Groups

Hi There,

I am trying to create a report based on paticular 'File Type Group' (eg. Video) on a particular share on one of my File servers that will provide me with the following data:

File Name
File Path
File Size

So far, I have tried numerous 'quick reports' and the closets I have gotten is using the 'File Type Usage by Resource' which provides me the File Types found on a Particular server and its count but no file name and file path.

Please Help.

Am I doing something wrong? Am I looking in the wrong place?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

The File Type and File Group reports are summary reports only, there is no associated detail. 
The rules you create define which files we collect detailed data. 

To make a report like you want, run the either the "File Rules Detail (Remote shares)" or the "File Rules Detail (Local Share)" and filter on the Root Dir and file types you want. 
If that works, you can build a custom report to do the same thing. 
If you aren't seeing the files you expect, build some rules that will look for the extensions you want, so the file detail will be added to the database.

What are you ultimately trying to do?

Note - you can't create your own report templates at this time.

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What I am ultimatley trying to do.....

I want profiler to give me a report on WHICH video files are found on the Marketing Share on Server SRVBLABLA01. Once I find the actual file I can have profiler run a action such as move that file type to another server.

I seem to have no problem finding the number of video files based on file types that the Video File Type Group looks for.

I tried looking into "File Rules Detail (Remote shares)" or the "File Rules Detail (Local Share)" can you suggest which rule I can select? I only have the default Rules.

So then I tried creating my own rules hoping I can select a File Type group ~ and of course that is not possible.

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Level 7

Update: I think What I am looking for is..... Can I create my own report templates?

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