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Profiler reporting 2008 server as a Windows NT Server

Hi, Anyone else seeing this...... I'm running Profiler version 4.12.1, my Windows 2008 VM Servers are showing up in Profiler as a Windows NT Server...... they do show up correctly as Windows 2008 Serves in my Orion DB........


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Do these servers have an agent installed on them or are you monitoring them through the Virtual Center with Profiler? Where exactly are you seeing it being displayed as Windows NT Server? 

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I have the same issue with 2008 servers being reported as NT through Virtual Centre. I don't have the agent installed on any 2008 servers as yet so can't confirm if this is for VMs onle.


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If this is displaying for VMs that do not have an agent installed on them then that means that the data that we are displaying is coming from the VMware Virtual Center API. So, the only reason for us to display the server as NT instead of 2008 would be because that is what the Virtual Center is telling us it is. 


You can always try browsing the VMware API using https://<virtualcenterIP>/mob to see the data that we are gathering to verify this. If you feel this requires further investigation please open a support ticket here:

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Hi.... They do not have an agent installed...they are being reported via the Virtual Center.   I'll reach out to VmWare to see what they have to say.   Thanks!

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What version of vCenter and ESX are you running?  In our lab environment with 4.x, Windows 2008 is showing up just fine. 

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We are still on VC 2.5 and ESX 3.5.

Regards, Lee.

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