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Please Verify that the agent is licensed and registered for collection


I'm Evaluating Profiler and I'm getting the above message from servers that the agent is installed on.  When I look on thwack it says that the agent should be upgraded.  Do I also need to upgrade the profiler software as when I try to upgrade the agent on the profielr server I get the message that Profiler server is installed on this machine and should be removed before installation can occour.

Will i need to upgrade the evaluation version of profiler in ordert o upgrade all of the agents?



Simon Parish

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Level 11

Not necessarily.  The agent versions do need to match throughout the product, especially from version 4.11.x to 4.12.x.  So, as long as you are matching, you should be fine.  


Without looking at it, I'm thinking that the agent may not be pointed to the Profiler server correctly.  To verify, click on the traffic light icon again (and get the error, again).  Once you do that, go to the agent and look at the Kernel.log file in the agent's install directory.  At the bottom, if there is -some- kind of communication, you should see an "incoming GET request from" (where the x's are the ip address of the Profiler Server).  Make sure that ip address matches what is in the core.xml file (in the same location as the Kernel logs)


If you don't see that message, make sure you can ping the Profiler Server from the agent.  Also make sure that all firewalls are open between agent/server on ports 162 and 4319.


Let me know if this helps.

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