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Level 9

Notification when device has not been polling in x time. OR status is not Green check.

I would like to have an alert or a report I could schedule to run daily that tells me when a device is not being polled. We have SMI-S agents that like to check out and if we don’t check on all of our systems frequently we do not know they are down.

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Level 11

Since the profiler agent monitoring the storage arrays via the smi-s agents sends traps to the Profiler server (seen in the Events tab for any of your storage array resources you are monitoring), you can create a report to be scheduled using the Events reports in the quick reports with a filter on your storage arrays in question. The agent will send a trap when it starts collection for each data type (asset, storage and performance) and another trap when when those threads complete. Using this knowledge, you can schedule a Current Event report. When looking at your report, look for resources that have not sent a completed trap in an amount of time at least greater than what you have set in the settings (wrench icon) for that particular resource. 

Hope this helps!

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