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Netapp CPU Busy Percentage

Why dont we have NetApp CPU Busy Percentage performance metrics in SRM(Orion) ? This is present in SRM (Profiler) for 7-mode devices, but was upset not to see that in SRM (Orion) where we added C-mode devices. Couple of our devices are working hard and we need to monitor its CPU utilization and Total IOPS which we are not able to do....

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You could always create a custom SNMP poller. This OID should give you the CPU busy % across the cluster.




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This is for Clustered On Tap running 8.3.  Its a table value that gives you the CPU busy times for each node in the cluster.  I havent got around to getting one going for our 7-mode nodes.

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It's here, correct?

NetApp CPU Percent Utilization.UnDP



And there is this combo for alerting, hopefully on High CPU

NetApp Health Stats


NetApp Health Advanced Alert

If anyone beats me to it, feedback on if they work.....

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So much for Community.   This is all hosed for NPM 12.x.x

And no nice convert routine either...!!

You cannot import a UnDP poller into Device Studio - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


  • Device Studio uses different design than UnDP, and is not backwards compatible with UnDP.
  • Device Studio currently supports pollers that instrument CPU and Memory only. If your existing UnDP pertains to CPU or Memory, use Device Studio to create a new poller with the OID included in your UnDP file.
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No go...

I got all these, and they do not return values...


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I also want to see CPU information in Solarwinds

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We hear you. It's definitely an important request and I believe it's just a matter of time before we have capacity to implement it.

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Definately second this as a feature. We are currently in the middle of a PoC which includes SRM. CPU stats on a NetApp filer are one of the key indicators of potential issues in conjunction with IOPS and latency and therefore would be really useful.

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Hi kaushikpathak‌.  I'm the Product Manager for Storage at Solarwinds.  Thank you for this note. As LubomirKrausko‌ said, we will discuss this.

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I would like to second this.  In large Netapp deployments you will run out of CPU power before you run out of anything else.  Many times high Latency is caused by the controllers being too overloaded on CPU (higher than 90%).  For Netapp CPU is critical.

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Hi brianflynn, I'm wondering if there has been an update on kaushikpathak's feedback? Thanks.

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Hi bladegillete‌,

We've tracked this enhancement (internal: SRM-11369) and will consider implementation in one of future releases.


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Okay thank you. This enhancement would be very useful for us once implemented.

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Thanks Brian and Lubomir for your concern and consideration. Will await and look forward for a positive response on this.

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In the SRM Orion v6.0 there is really nothing like that, thank you for this feedback, we will discuss this internally.

Thank you for pointing this out!

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