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Monitoring the QNAP NAS TS-EC1280U using Storage Resource Monitor v6.0 (2019.4) ?

Hi All,

I wonder if Storage Resource Monitor v6.0 (2019.4) can monitor the QNAP NAS TS-EC1280U

If yes, what do I need to configure.

Thank you in advance. 

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Wow, that's surprising my Synology NAS has an SMI-S provider than can be installed. I've never tried it out, though.

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@sturdyerdeI „think“ this is the same thing for QNAP. I believe this is not something that is native on the Storage but on a „broker machine“ I could be wrong but I still believe it is not supported to monitor QNAP with SRM
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As the QNAP doesn’t have SMI/S Support you can monitor it with NPM‘s/SAM‘s SNMP Functionality only.

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