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How to alert on disk failure with SRM

I have both NPM and SRM and I need to create a simple alert for the failure of a disk in an array monitored by SRM. I can see how to alert on the array status being equal to down, but how do I trigger on a single disk being down? I don't see an option to select a variable for a single disk. Also, would I use Operational Status, or just Status as the trigger variable? Thank you for nay help.

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Level 8

You can use 'Physical Disk' objPhysicalDisk.PNGect to create alert for a single disk on a storage array. You can use Status, Operational Status or both of them.

This is the correct answer and worked for me. No need to have the node enabled with SNMP as long as the disk is in SRM and has the "Disks on this Array" section.

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This would require that the array be added as an SNMP node in NPM, would it not? I have some arrays that are not SNMP capable being monitored by SRM, so I need to know how to alert when a disk in an array has failed.I do not see any alert variables for "disk" or physical disk" in the Storage Array category.

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Level 9

Same question - this should be quite an easy one but I can't find the official guidance anywhere.

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