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Level 7

Graphical display Enhancements

Are there any intentions to provide the following enhancements to the graphical display:

1. Expandable graphs when looking at performance data. The tiny graph can be quite challenging to read at times when there is alot of data

2. More customizable graphs, what I mean is it would be nice to select multple objects such as disks from the drop down menu's to show only the objects we want... currently you have top ten, next ten... or a single object.

3. More customizable time frames within the graphs. Currently the options of last hour, 6 hours, day, week, month and year are nice for a quick glance, but it would be nice if we could refine the times that are being graphed to specific windows such as yesterday at 1pm until yesterday at 5pm, when you just want to see what might have been happening during a known event.

I realize I can get most of this by generating a report and dumping it to excel of some tool similar to excel but it would be nice to get these features easilly built in, possibly as part of generated reports.

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Level 13

I second all three of these points. I would like to see expanded customizable graphs. I'm guessing this will be part of the Orion-Profiler integration. Can anyone confirm?

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Hello All--

Marked for the PM to review.


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It is really hard to see the times. Graphs needs to improve.


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