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Folder Age

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I am looking for a way to generate a report that will show all the first level folders CONTAINING subfolders or files that have not been accessed since a certain amount of days.

For example I need to know all the inactive users since 60 days. I would target D:\Users and it will give me a report of all the D:\Users subfolders that contains files or folders not accessed since at least 60 days.

Do any of you have a clue?



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You can also enable file scans for D:\Users admin share at Share Depth 1 (not 0) using the Settings -> Files -> Assign Local Shares link and make sure the Settings for File Age Categories contains 60 (for example 0,30,60,180,365). This way the Access Time reports for Local Shares will automatically list any top level directories that have any file or subfolder that hasnt been accessed in 60 days.

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