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Configure SRM with Dell Unisphere Central


I hope someone can help me. We installed SRM in our environment. I am trying to configure it to communicate with our Dell SC5020 datastore. We use Unisphere Central (ver to manage the data store. I have been using this article to configure the datastore, and I found this Youtube video ( that shows you how to enable SMI-S on Unisphere. Now I presume that the video uses an older version, as in our version the SMI-S service is gone. API is enabled on the datastore, but I still cannot setup the connection between SRM and Unisphere. I was able to setup the connection between the SRM and our IBM storage without any problems.

Please can anyone give me some ideas on connecting SRM with our Dell storage?



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Product Manager
Product Manager

You may want to open a ticket with support to verify but as of now there are certain configurations where Dell has completely disabled the SMI-S interface and gone fully over to API. We are researching API based polling for these devices as a potential feature in a future release but we don't have a time frame for that functionality on the near term road map.

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