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Change the IP used by agent (multiple IP system)

Hi guys,

I've got a server with several NICs, each one has an IP assigned.

The primary IP is configured to preceed all the other IPs using Windows settings.

The Server has the following IP's,,,

For some reason the agent is using 201 to communicated with the STM server.

I've tried to modify the IP address that the agent uses but can't get it to work.

Is there a way to change the IP the agent uses? Also, could you shed some light on the bind process the agent uses so that i can prepare for larger deployments?

Thanks in advance,


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Have tried disabling the Automatic Metric for the NICs? If not, can you please try below steps and see if that helps?

Go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center

Click on each of the connections (For example: Local Area connection, Local Area connection 2)

Click on Properties

Select IPv4

Click on properties

Click on Advanced

Disable the Automatic Metric

Enter the interface metric as 1 for which the communication has to be done with.  [This is the priority of NICs).

Enter 2, 3 as interface metrics for the other IP Addresses/NICs

Stop the Solarwinds Storage Manager Agent.

Delete the device(agent) from STM Server

Start the Solarwinds Storage Manager Agent.

You should now see the Agent is registered in STM Server with the IP that has interface metric as 1.



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Hello Aru,

Deleting the agent from STM server will delete all historical data as well would it not? How about rules configured on this Agent?

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yes it will.. If you wish to persist the historical data then you could change the IP address of the Agent by enabling the "IP Address Change" setting in "Server Setup: GUI" page.. But you will have to change the NIC Priority on the Agent machine. Otherwise this agent IP will get over written by the IP address of the 1st NIC address. If you do a Default OS policy push to this agent will register the rules against the new IP address. Hope it helps.

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Hi Deltona,

You can change which IP Address the Agent uses to communicate by modifying the Core.XML manually  (<Agent Installed path>\Storage Manager Agent\Core.xml) with the IP you would like the agent to use.



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In my core.xml file I only have a destination, not a source IP to change.

Using agent version 5.3.1

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Hi, there

Have you solved this problem?

I meet a same problem like you.

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No I haven't found a solution for this...

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Hi, Deltona

I found the following article from Google's cache.

   Assigning specific NICs in Storage Manager Agent

If a Storage Manager agent is installed on a server with 2 or more installed network cards, then the core.xml file must be manually updated to define the IP address for the network card you want associated with sending messages to the Storage Manager Server. For example, if eth0 and eth1 are installed on your server, and eth1 is used to send traps, you must assocate the eth1 IP address to the Storage Manager agent by following these instructions.

  1. Navigate to \Storage Manager Agent\. Example: C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Storage Manager Agent\
  2. Open core.xml in a text editor.
  3. Enter the IP address of the network card you want associated with sending traps.
  4. Save the file.

For Linux Servers, complete these additional steps.

  1. Open /etc/hosts in a text editor.
  2. Keep the default options, and add the IP address, domain, and hostnames for the network card you want associated with sending traps.
  3. Save the file.

I send this article to our Linux engineer too, but he still need to open ports on our firewalls before accomplish this.

So could you try it and share the result to me?

Thank you.

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The core xml file on my installation only includes target IP, target port and SNMP communicty string. There is no source IP mentioned in that file.

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