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Automattic end to end mapping for GPT is not working


We have recently upgraded our SRM to 6.7 mainly due to the announced automatic end to end mapping for GPT functionality.

Unfortunately it's not working (or works only partially). Our environment is mostly based on VMware, out of 15 storage arrays monitored by SRM only one of them successfully mapped GPT drives.

This one array happens to host 2 HyperV machines and only these two got mapped properly, all other VMs from VMware were not mapped on any of the remaining arrays (appstack is empty on both servers and arrays).

I saw that the release announcement mentions that it's added only for Windows OS but I assumed that hypervisor is not important (maybe I'm wrong).

Anyone having similar problems? I have opened a support case (00190896) just to confirm if this is bug or a feature.

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Level 10

For those interested, it has been confirmed by SW Support that there is bug with EMC Unity arrays.

They are now checking Hitachi G200, as we have the same problem on them as well.

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