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Anyone have any success getting the SRM to work with an MSA2012fc?

Not sure if this is the right place to ask this so please advise if I'm in the wrong spot...

We have the SRM product, (newly purchased version 6.3) and we are trying to set it up to work with our HP MSA2012fc storage. (I have been assured by our sales rep that it will work) I followed the instructions and enabled SMI-S and also created a separate user account to log in with as per the instructions (HP P2xxx/MSA SMI-S Provider). We appear to be connecting to the device but getting the following message: "There was an error connecting to provider: 172.xx.xx.xx; Testing credentials is not successful. Verify your credentials or namespace settings. Problem: GetClass is not yet supported"

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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How did you fixed this issue?

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This is what our support answered and it's 100 % correct:

SRM Orion supports MSA/P2000 arrays but only G3 and G4 models since the embedded provider on the older G2/G1 are missing some operations that we need to poll data.

I believe the MSA2012FC is G2.


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