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Level 7

15-min. polling intervals

Is it correct that the shortest configurable polling interval is 15 min.?

Perhaps I'm too immersed in performance details & granularity but 15 minutes seems -- to me -- to be too coarse-grained for detailed performance troubleshooting & making decisions about load re-balancing etc.

Am I expecting the tool to do what it is not designed to do? That its primary function is to be a high-level monitor?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

What specific device are you monitoring?

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A Clariion CX480:

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I have 3 EMC Clarrian SANs, and as I understand it, EMC SANs capture historical performance details every 10 minutes and store it.  Profiler (for reasons I don't know), gathers the EMC data every 15 minutes.  So even if you wanted to go lower, EMC only does a 10 minute resolution.

If you want to capture finer detail, use Navisphere Analyzer in realtime, and save the data after your capture period.

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Level 13

I do not think that is true, mins is 5mins.

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