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Unable to push snmp


I just started using this tool to see how it works. But unfotunately it is not working. Can some one help me to resolve the issue.

I'm getting below error ----- #Installation failed[Unexpected error: Please review installation settings]


Looks like I'm doing some mistake , not sure where It is.


Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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SNMP Enabler currently supports Windows systems only - Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003, 2008, Vista and 7.

Windows XP and 2003 do not contain all the necessary files for the installation, therefore it needs to have access to a folder where the files are located (the I386 folder from the installation CD, but the best way to do this is just share the CD and point to it in the Settings).

Because of the double-hop prevention security "feature", you will have to use psexec. Psexec works fine because it actually installs its own service to run commands on the remote computer, and therefore it is not affected by the double-hop issue.

I am a bit concerned about the fact that the machines are not in one domain. This scenario has not been tested. But I think it might work fine if you create admin user accounts with same name and password on all the computers and use this as login credentials for SNMP Enabler.

You can also first try to run a single command on the remote machine using psexec from your machine. If it works, SNMP Enabler should work too. 

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Thants fine as 70% boxes are Windows only. As I told you the servers that are in workgroup have same login credentials to login locally.

What should I do if a server is in workgroup and my desktop(where  from I'm using this tool) in one domain ?

How come that work group server get installation files shared on my desktop and another pointing to a location on network ?

I may be loosing some connections here. Please help.

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Btw we use a standard login credentials to login locally on all the servers. Can you elaborate how PS exec is going to help me in this scenario.

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from what I understand, you are trying to use WMI to install SNMP on a remote computer that is Windows XP/2003, the installation files are located on a share on a different computer, and you are using the admin account for that computer, and the computer is not in domain. Am I right?

If so, I am afraid this use case is not supported. What you are trying to do with the tool is that you log in on the remote computer as admin, run the installation, and the installation is using the local admin account to reach for the files on the share. This is called double-hop authentication and is by design disabled in the system.

A work around is to have the system installation files directly on the remote computer (usable when you use pre-imaged system installations), or using PSExec.

Please note the path in your Settings has to be valid and accessible from the remote machine on which you are trying to install the SNMP service. 

Also please note the tool was designed to work with domain admin's credentials in a domain, because it is supposed to work with multiple machines. It should be possible to install the SNMP on one computer that is not in domain, but you may fail to do this for multiple computers in a work group, unless you have the same admin names and passwords.

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