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Web browser extension or connector

Web browser extension or connector

There should be a browser connector or extension which could allow for easier reporting on web traffic. Currently with WebTrafficAudit event is quite ineffective.

It could (be a listener and) provide basic information like:

  • Event time
  • Hostname
  • Account
  • URL
  • Protocol
  • Browser version
  • Page size
  • Time on site (between site open and close)
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Level 10

I'd like to add that if ever developed, the connector should report only the URLs from address bar, and not the reference links within the pages you visit. E.g. a website also have social media buttons embedded, analytics and other third party resources loaded on to the site, we don't need to have them.

The objective is to figure out only the URLs that were visited and clicked upon by end users = URLs in browser address bar.

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