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View your NTP configuration

View your NTP configuration

How about being able to view your NTP configuration?

I had a scenario where I was trying to get my LEM appliance to sync time with my domain controller (time was off by 20s).  I would connect to the console and go the appliance submenu.  From there I would run the command ntpconfig (which I was positive I had run at install) and put in NTP1 (PDC) and it would prompt me for adding an additional which I would use NTP2 (BDC).  It would then say it was running ntpdate to synchronize clock.  The only place I found to reliably figure out the appliance time was through the console from the manager submenu running the viewsysinfo command.  I found that it kept showing me the time being off by twenty seconds.  Well, it turns out the appliance was getting time from the second ntp server I was entering which had the correct time.  Our PDC was slow by 20s and that is what I was comparing time to.  I was also trying to run an ndepth query user NTP1 as my insertion ip, UDPTrafficAudit.Sourceport=123 and the IP Address = LEM appliance.  When I took off the IP address = LEM Appliance I got all kinds of end devices talking to my NTP1 address for time sync.  I eventually found the time source by checking for UDPTrafficAudit.Sourceport=123 and the IP Address = LEM appliance.  This is how I figured out it was syncing time with the BDC and wasn't even trying the PDC.

Long story short, implement a way to view our NTP configuration on the appliance and put them in order.  It seems that the appliance trys the reverse order of what you put them in as.

Oh, it turns our our PDC time was free run as it couldnt' talk to our clock source whereas our BDC was configured to talk to an internet time server.  BDC had the correct time.  This troubleshooting helped us figure out we had a time problem.

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