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Streamline Reporting

Streamline Reporting

I think the reporting capabilities of LEM could be significantly streamlined by doing the following...

  • Remove the reporting tool completely
  • Have all reporting done using the nDepth reports/searches/exports
    • Add the ability for scheduling here
    • Add the ability to send the alerts as PDF's via email

By doing this the reporting would be moved to the web interface and remove the hassle of having an additional application that you need to work with.

Would really love to hear what others would think about this!

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Level 8

Sounds like a great idea, plus it would give the analyze tab something to do other than being a place holder.

Level 7

I can understand why the reporting function isn't part of the web interface. Running the report generation on the appliance may well cause it to skip logs though I somehow doubt this is the case with newer Hypervisors - VMWare and Hyper-V. Rolling reports and nDepth all into one schedulable interface would be a cracking idea.

If the reports are not going to be rolled into the console/nDepth then one thing that MUST be addressed is the way that details for the reports available through the reporting interface depend on file properties that are no longer editable by current operating systems (SW KB Article refers). Both windows XP and Server 2003 are falling off the end of Microsoft support and XP is already not supported as part of our network infrastructure.

Level 9

Instead of starting a new request, I think this fits in with the reporting.  So, I would like to add one more to the above set of requests...

  • Ability to IMPORT queries via CSV files (or the like)

It would be nice to be able to import queries or variables where you have multiple lines that are similar, but maybe just a server name is different or an IP is different on each line.

Level 8

I would also like the reporting to go completely to a web based reporting tool and get rid of crystal reports. I am also in favor of scheduling from the web reporter and the option of saving/emailing in pdf or html format.

Product Manager
Product Manager

I'm going to leave this regular feature request here because we do still want to register votes on replacing reporting, but I wanted to mention that (as mentioned in the What We're Working On) we're also working on implementing scheduled searches in nDepth in an upcoming release candidate.

If any of you are available to install the upgrade early next week and want first dibs on the RC, please let me know. The only caveat is that you'll need to upgrade to v5.6 (current version) first. Additionally, you'll need to be under active LEM maintenance.

Otherwise, I'll post when the RC is available for all.

Level 7

Yes - I vote for this ..and anything else to change what is currently in place. To customize reports - yes go out and purchase Crystal Reports - a specific version no less. Really? There has to be a better way and I vote for anything that works.  Scheduled reports are important, but so is filtering and customizing my reports so I can get what I need.

Level 9

The main problem we've had with LEM Reports is not being able to create custom reports without investing in Crystal Reports, this should be a lot easier than it currently is.  The OOtB reports are fine, I like the options and formatting, but working in a multi-domain environment makes it very difficult to create custom reports for each separate report without installing a separate manager for each domain.  (Note: I've found a workaround for creating custom reports but this is still clunky and time consuming and not good enough for an enterprise class product.)  Here's what I would ask:

1. Make it much easier to create/schedule and run custom reports with Solarwinds LEM, especially for customers running multi-domain environments.

2. Extend the nDepth export function to enable selecting specific fields to export (rather than all fields) as well as allowing PDF.

Keep up the great work!

Level 9

I second that, at the moment creating custom filtered reports with LEM Reports is difficult at best and having to rely on XP/2003 to be able to edit the report properties really dates the product.  We really should be able to save filtered reports in Windows 7/2008 R2 and upwards.

I would also ask for the ability to select which alert fields (eg. Event Name, EventInfo, SourceMachine, etc.) are exported from nDepth, and be able to schedule exports for both CSV/PDF.  Thanks!

Level 9

It would be great to extract/connect to LEM data via JDBC driver. This would eliminate the need for the report module.

Level 7

SolarWinds...please address this issue and give us the ability to run custom reports!!!