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SW LEM Reports- save to a network share

SW LEM Reports- save to a network share

'Twould be wonderful if the Solarwinds LEM Reporting app could be configured to save report output to a network share. Thank you.

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Level 10

This can be done already.

Although you may not be able to select the folder from the browse button in Reports UI, when setting up a task you only need to edit the RPTxxxxx.ini file and replace the line




The user running the scheduled task, needs to have write access to the network shared folder.

Hope this helps.

Level 8

Interesting. The instructor for the SW LEM Reporting course I took said it wasn't possible and advised me to create the feature request.

I'll give this a try- thanks!

Level 8

Can't see a way to do it if you run a report manually.  I know this has been requested for years.