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Provide a way to monitor LEM Health with Orion NPM/SAM

Provide a way to monitor LEM Health with Orion NPM/SAM

It would be great if there was a way for SAM or NPM to monitor the health of LEM. We often find out a day later that LEM has had problems and is no longer consuming logs. We have opened cases and to this point have only been provided with an option to have LEM send a heartbeat email out once and hour. Sadly SAM has no way to alert on an email that does not arrive that we have been able to find.

A SAM template that monitors services on LEM would enable us to proactively monitor and trend the health of the system.

Level 8

I totally agree, been in that situation as well. Both products have been out for a while, hope they address it soon.

Level 13

Adding my vote to this. As a new LEM user, I'm really surprised this doesn't exist.

Level 8

Is anyone watching this. Customers are demanding that LEM get monitored from one of the other SW productions. I have a drive fill up on my LEM and it was down for 3 weeks. It would really be nice to have NPM watching the hard drive sizes and other resources.

Level 16

I agree with that this is causing issues and making LEM look bad.  No way to monitor CPU or memory or drive space.  Mine failed for almost a week before I noticed.  Makes my users lose trust in the tools.

Level 7

So much downtime with our LEM and no way to get notified. LEM is useless if it's not gathering events. Please address!

i agree, I would really like to see this added.

Level 9

This may be a show-stopper for us: we're still demoing LEM, and the db has crapped out once already.

Level 8

Why isn't this available already??? so annoying

Level 8

This is now available in version 6.3

Level 9

Just checked my available downloads and it still only shows 6.2.1 as the latest available down. So no, it is not yet available.