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MSSQL Auditor - Language options for non-English DB

MSSQL Auditor - Language options for non-English DB

During a troubleshooting session with SolarWinds support, it was highlighted that MSSQL Auditor of SolarWinds LEM, supports log collection for only English SQL databases.

This is also set in MSSQL Auditor configuration manual

I. Verify the Language option and the Date/Time format:

          Refer to Microsoft documentation for reference.
    - Windows and SQL Language option should be English.
    - Verify the Date/Time format to be "MM/DD/YYYY HH:mm:ss".

I would like to propose that MSSQL Auditor for SolarWinds LEM not be limited to providing log collection only for EN-US databases.

An idea on where that feature to be implemented would be:

- In core settings during installation of MSSQL Auditor,

- During configuration phase within MSSQL Auditor settings or

- by overriding the default language option via an .ini or an xml file (similarly as you have with settings inside MSSQLAuditor.ini for: MaxLogFileSize=50000000, MaxNumLogFiles=10, CheckAfterLines=100 and DelayBeforeNewConnect=20000.)

SQL collation list is at TechNet

Collation Settings in Setup

Ideally an option to select more than one language collation is better.

E.g. something like DBCollation=Albanian_CI_AS, in a config file would help in our language specific databases.



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