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Login Warning Banner for any Orion Web Server product

Login Warning Banner for any Orion Web Server product

Department of Defense requires a  warning banner prior to logging into an application or system.  While I have been able to achieve this via the default.aspx page, this does not stop a user using direct links to connect to the system, especially with Windows Authentication/PKI.  If we were to use forms instead  of windows for authentication in web.config, it forces everyone to the login page but there is no way to move past this with PKI, only user name and password.

Suggest adding a button next to "LOGIN" for windows/PKI authentication that would trigger the windows automated login.

Level 11

I was asked to submit a Feature Request but since this one is already open. I have opened a support case for this #1047038. Because of what you said is required, when using the SSL/CAC login that is also required by the DoD it become imperative that this warning banner is visible.

Level 10

maybe a warning banner should be configurable for the SW-admin and should be loaded before an authentication mechanism (whatever is used) started. If somebody say "Cancel/Leave/Whatever" there might be a forward configurable to another web service (general intranet page or so) if he clicks ok/continue the authentication will start (Kerberos/Login page/whatever). It would be great if the warning banner is a HTML page where the admin can add content to a predefined skeleton so different warning banner for different requirements can be created.

Level 12

Yes, or a logo/image change, telling people to turn away.